Nothing was off the table on tonight's jaw-dropping Vanderpump Rules Season 1 reunion! Buckle up!

In tonight's Season 1, Episode 9, we got to see Lisa Vanderpump and her minions sit down with Bravo honcho Andy Cohen to relive every excrutiating and hilarious moment of Season 1. That means bloody noses, accidental Xanax, and Stassi's clear hatred of all things related to Laura-Leigh.

As to be expected, much of the focus was on Jax and Stassi's bumpy relationship. Jax friends confronted him about his lying, while Kristen and Tom accused Stassi of cheating on Jax.

Jax confesses to still loving Stassi, but Stassi doesn't exactly sound ready to take him back. Yet.

We loved seeing all the familiar faces back together — even if they spent much of the time bickering!

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