If you’re a die-hard reality TV fan, you may have been thinking that Vanderpump Rules’ sasspot Stassi Schroeder looks familiar. And you’re right!  She’s only 23 years old, but Stassi already has quite a reality show past.

So where have you seen this drama queen before? While she was still in high school, a young, dark-haired Stassi was on Season 8 of The Amazing Race! She and her family were a part of the competitive reality show’s Family Edition. The episodes were titled with quotes from participants, and the season’s third episode immortalized a Stassi gem. It was called "I Don't Kiss I Make Out." The Schroeders placed seventh.
Then in 2008, she was a contestant on a little show called, fittingly, Queen Bees. According to a trailer the show, which we are pretty devastated to have missed, it’s about, “Seven mean girls facing the ultimate challenge: being nice.” And who are these mean girls? “They’re shallow, they’re self-centered, they’re nasty — they’re Queen Bees!” AH-mazing.

The winner of this reality show walked away with a $25,000 prize by being the girl who most changed her nasty ways. Stassi did not win.   

But no matter! The real winners here are Vanderpump Rules fans, because love her or hate her, Stassi is always going to bring the drama.

Sources: Wikia, YouTube

Credit: YouTube Photo: Vanderpump Rules' Stassi Schroeder Tries to Be Nice in Queen Bees