The very first season of Vanderpump Rules has been short, but we certainly wouldn’t call it sweet!
In our synopsis of tonight’s Vanderpump Rules finale, the SUR staff come together for a sizzling photo shoot at Lisa Vanderpump’s sprawling estate. Clad in bikinis and itty-bitty speedos, everyone is looking extra sexy — especially Stassi and Jax.

The on-again-off-again couple try to work things out in between posing with each other for steamy shots. While their chemistry still appears to still be very strong, Stassi reveals she’s having a hard time trusting Jax, while he in turn feels like he’s not being given an honest chance to make things up to her.

Meanwhile, Scheana Marie tries to make nice with Lisa after causing a fuss about not being able to work a VIP dinner because of Brandi Glanville. Scheana also hopes to move past her awkward history with the former model. Stassi and Kristen attempt to mend their friendship after an entire summer of squabbling.

Later, Jax drops a bombshell on Stassi that could throw all of their plans of reconciliation out the window. Will we finally learn the truth about some of Jax’s ugliest rumors? You’ll have to watch tonight’s episode to find out!

Source: Bravo