Season 1 of Vanderpump Rules may be over, but the good times just keep on rolling in with the staff of SUR restaurant and lounge.
On Monday, March 11, we get a full episode of unseen footage featuring the the antics we didn’t get to see during the short eight-episode season.

In this sneak peek of Season 1, Episode 10, Jax Taylor and Laura-Leigh act all lovey-dovey at a staff party, where they’re asked by their co-workers what it’s like to carry on their relationship while working alongside Stassi Schroeder.

Laura-Leigh indignantly says that she is filling Stassi’s role as Jax’s girlfriend now, which elicits some skepticism from Scheana Marie.

“So I just don’t see Jax and Laura-Leigh having that long of a relationship,” says Sheana in her confessional. “I think it’s a fun thing for now, they have sex everywhere. But s**t’s not gonna last”

Jax also confesses that he and Stassi’s sex life was stagnating for the past six months of their relationship.

“It was like watching a sex-ed video, it was terrible,” said Jax. “It was absolutely awful. We were like glorified roommates.”

As much as he’s enjoying his sexy romps with Laura-Leigh now, Scheana warns Jax not to lead her on.

“She’s enjoying your company a lot more than you’re enjoying hers,” Scheana whispers to him.

Well, we all know how this relationship ends!

Source: Hulu

Credit: Hulu Photo: Vanderpump Rules’ Jax Taylor Says Sex With Stassi Was “Absolutely Awful”