In the Season 1 finale of Vanderpump Rules, Jax came clean to his on-again, off-again girlfriend Stassi: He had, in fact, cheated on her.

Weeks earlier, fellow SUR bartender Frank told Stassi told her that Jax had slept with someone else in Vegas and got her pregnant. Jax insisted to everyone — Stassi, his friends, her friends — that Frank was a liar. According to what Jax told another SUR employee, he’d impregnated a girl months before starting to date Stassi.

After talking to his therapist, Jax decided to tell Stassi the truth. She was crushed, “You’ve made my life miserable,” she told her ex-boyfriend. Then he said goodbye.

“I did cheat on her, and it’s the worst mistake I ever made,” Jax explained to a group of assembled employees. Then he apologizes and walked away. “Why did you just tell me, man?” Jax’s friend Todd wants to know.

Everyone was clearly shocked. Jax had lied so well and fooled them all. Did you believe Jax, or did you think he was shady all along?