Credit: RK/Splash News Photo: Taylor Armstrong Strikes a Pose at a Breast Cancer Research Benefit Luncheon on May 4, 2011

We figured it was only a matter of time until Taylor Armstrong — who originally vowed to stay out of the public eye in the wake of husband Russell Armstrong’s suicide — decided to share her story. First, rumor had it she would release a tell-all book, now it’s been confirmed she will give a sit-down interview with Entertainment Tonight, complete with personal photos of her alleged abuse.

We wonder: Is it fair for Taylor to publicly spill her side when Russell is not here to defend himself? There’s no denying the woman has taken a ton of flack from the media in recent weeks about her role in his death. Is this a case of damage control for the reality star, or is Taylor merely helping to give voice to the many victims of domestic violence?

What do you think, RHoBH fans? Is it okay for Taylor to open up to the media about her abusive marriage after Russell’s passing?