Brandi Glanville, reigning drama queen of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, has admitted to plenty in her new tell-all book, Drinking & Tweeting. There’s been infidelity, homelessness and vagina surgery, and now a new tidbit has been revealed in the pages of Life & Style. Does Brandi have a fantasy about her archenemy, LeAnn Rimes?

"I have this hysterical fantasy that one day [LeAnn] and I will record a duet about heartbreak," Brandi says in the excerpt. "I'm an expert on that subject...I have a feeling she may be an expert one day, too."
Yowza. It sounds like Brandi thinks that one day she and the country crooner (who is married to Brandi’s ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian) may have something in common. Well, if it’s true that Eddie cheated on both women with the same waitress, she may already be right!

But the real question is: Can Brandi sing?

Source: Life & Style