We’re certainly learning a lot about Yolanda. Foster. For instance, she’s a fan of holistic medicine, but not the kind you’re likely to find at your local health food store. In Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she explained why she quit drinking for three months: It doesn’t mix well with the lamb cells she had injected into her body. Um, what?

In a recent interview with the New York Post, Yolanda opened up about being depressed after the difficult birth of her third child, Anwar, 13 years ago. During his delivery, Yolanda broke her back in three places when he suffered an allergic reaction. It was this pain that Yolanda sought treatment for.

So, what’s the deal with the lamb cells? It’s not clear where Yolanda received her treatment, but the Center For Holistic Life Extension is a center that injects shark cells into its clients. According to its site, “Live healthy cells are injected into the patient, resulting in refurbishing and regeneration of cells in the areas targeted, and in turn, stimulating the immune system. Live Cell Therapy (xenotransplant therapy) is not for replacing tissue but rather for stimulating the growth and function of existing tissue.”

While sheep were once thought to be the perfect cells, “shark embryo cells seem to be vastly superior to sheep embryo cells,” the site claims, adding that live cell therapy is beneficial for those suffering from everything from psoriasis to Down's syndrome to diabetes to AIDS.

Of course, patients must travel to Mexico for treatment, because it doesn’t seem to be legal in the US. In 1997, Germany banned similar practices that patients thought rejuvenated and refreshed their bodies.

Source: New York Post, Center For Holistic Life Extension

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