Lisa Vanderpump has three children if you count her beloved pom, Giggy. But if you want to get technical and just count her human children, she has two kids: her daughter, Pandora, and her adopted son, Max.


So when did the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star adopt Max?
Lisa adopted her son from foster care in 1992 when he was just six weeks old. When she was about to begin Real Housewives’ first season, she was prepared for the fact that things might get complicated if his biological parents came out of the woodwork.
"I adopted him from foster care and I really had to be on the same page as him in saying, 'It's possible that maybe your birth parents will come forward,’” Lisa has said. She continues by saying that she told Max, “I just said, 'You ready? Because we're in a public arena, and they might recognize us.' But I'm very open about it."

Max was apparently a bit of a troublemaker in his teen years. He had started skipping school and smoking pot while he was living in Beverly Hills, so Lisa and Ken decided to send him to Idaho to finish high school. Upon graduating, he returned to California to attend the Musicians Institute and pursue his love of music.

Max turned 21 on December 7, 2012, and Lisa tweeted, “I wish my son Max a very happy 21st birthday today.” Aww! Sounds like the two still have a great relationship.

Sources: Lisa’s Bravo blog, Reality Tea

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