Credit: Norman Scott/ Photo: Camille Grammer and D.D. Whitt Get Their Drink on at Kyle Richards' White Party on June 18, 2011

Fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may have noticed Camille Grammer’s right-hand gal Dedra "D.D." Whitt popping up from time to time. Although she’s mostly been a shoulder for Cam Gram to cry on, it looks like all that will change in Season 2, Episode 14, when D.D. takes on Taylor Armstrong. The pair get into it at Brandi Glanville’s Malibu beach party, with D.D. defending her best friend and Taylor telling her to mind her own business.

So what is D.D.’s business? According to her website, she’s been a makeup artist for over 15 years. In fact, she’s Camille’s makeup artist and does all her work for the show. Julia Ormond, Jessica Biel, and Mila Kunis have also been clients of D.D.’s. In addition to glossing up Camille, D.D. has worked on campaigns for Guess, Rampage, and Target.    

Camille and D.D. met more than 20 years ago when they were both modeling shoes in New York City and the pair moved to California together. That long friendship is the reason D.D. gets a little riled when people suggest all of Camille’s friends — such as her psychic Allison DuBois — are also on her payroll. Based on what we’ve seen of D.D.’s argument with Taylor, this is one makeup artist we wouldn’t want to mess with.

Sources: D.D. Whitt’s website, Imperfect Women

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Credit: Bravo Photo: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 2, Episode 14, "Malibu Beach Party From Hell": Taylor and Camille Take It Outside