A self-described “Peter Pan,” 29-year-old Jax Taylor enjoys the freedom and carefree lifestyle that he’s found in LA. Over the past 10 years, Jax has traveled back and forth between the West Coast and New York, working as a model and actor in commercials, magazines, and various fashion weeks.
When his career started to slow down, Jax landed himself a bartending gig at SUR with the help of his live-in girlfriend, Stassi Schroeder. Though Jax says he loves working at the restaurant, he can’t help but feel caught up in the drama, especially when Stassi gets into it with Scheana Marie. 
Over the course of Vanderpump Rules' inaugural season, Jax proved himself to be quite the cad! His relationship with Stassi imploded due to allegations that he cheated on her with a woman in Las Vegas. He firmly denied the accuastions to Stassi and all of their friends, but finally admitted to the dirty deed in Vanderpump Rules' explosive season finale.

For more from Jax, watch the video below!

Credit: BravoTV Photo: Who Is Jax Taylor, Star of Vanderpump Rules? (VIDEO)