Credit: Justin's Twitter/Lockerz Photo: Kyle's Ladysitter Justin Sylvester and Portia Umansky

During last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards was preparing for her charity event with the help of one flawless, too-sweet-to-be-true man who was introduced as Kyle’s Ladysitter. And just what is a ladysitter, you ask? In this case, he’s 23-year-old Louisianian Justin Sylvester.

He describes his job on his Twitter (@theladysitter) as: “An assistant with attitude! Someone who is just as fabulous, fun and sophisticated as the person he works for!”

He supports Kyle’s every endeavor, so the guy’s doing something right! He tweeted about her drop-dead gorgeous Emmy look: “Such a proud gay today! @KyleRichards18 is the most amazing hag ever! #Emmy2011” True that.

What else does the Southern boy tweet about? We discovered he’s a lover of True Blood, Golden Girls, and best yet, he posts adorable photos of Kyle’s kiddies.

Just one question: Where can we get a ladysitter?

Source: Twitter