Credit: Paul Cobo Photography/Courtesy of Anderson Group Public Relations

It seems like health-conscious celebs are always chowing down on sushi, but Lisa Hochstein isn’t one of them!

Sure, the Real Housewives of Miami star is a sucker for staying in shape, but she has a bit of a problem with the popular fare. But why? She shared her words of sushi wisdom with the world recently — and was wise enough to explain the reason she’s not eating raw fish, lest a pregnancy rumor spin out of control.

So, why does Lisa steer clear of this food she loves?

“As much as I love sushi,” she  tweeted, “The salt make me look so puffy the next day, never fails.”

Well, she must never eat sushi then, because we’re pretty sure we’ve never seen this Miami stunner look puffy. Ever!

We respect her priorities, but it’s too bad Lisa has to miss out on something so delicious. No sushi, and in Miami too? Bummer! As a silver lining, though, sushi is a big pregnancy no-no, so Lisa will be uber-prepared when she and her husband, Lenny, finally do conceive. Not that we had any doubt!

Source: Twitter