After her latest real estate win, Marisa Zanuck must be laughing her way to the bank. But what about her proposed partner-in-crime, Mauricio Umansky?

During last week’s episode, Marisa offered to sell her in-laws’ mansion with the help of Kyle Richards’s hubby.

(The in-laws in question are Lili and Richard Zanuck, the latter of whom passed away in July.)

But, as Reality Tea points out, the Wall Street Journal trumpeted the sale of the elder Zanucks’ estate with Marisa listed as realtor — and nary a mention of Mauricio!

The 10,000-square-foot Los Angeles home — with a gym designed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, no less — sold to a European businessman for $20.1 million.

So what happened? Was the deal between Marisa and Mauricio just for show? Was there a falling out? Or did the two realty-and-reality mavens just go their separate ways amicably?

And the plot thickens: One of the realtors representing Marisa’s mother-in-law, the widow Lili Zanuck, is none other than Million Dollar Listing star Josh Altman. So perhaps this is all part of a bigger Bravo game plan.

It’s Hollywood, folks! There’s no telling fact from fiction in that town.

Source: Reality Tea, Wall Street Journal