Credit: Facebook

In the promo for tonight's Season 3, Episode 8 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Taylor Armstrong appears to be forced into giving up her wedding ring. But why is that?  

As Taylor has pointed out in previous episodes, she was left with a ton of debt after her husband Russell passed away in August 2011. In May of 2012, it was reported that she had to put up her beautiful engagement ring for auction on eBay in order to settle up with some of Russell's former creditors. She also had to part with other valuables.

But just because parting with the $250K ring will make Taylor's financial situation easier doesn't mean that she was happy with the idea. Taylor had reportedly been planning to pass the ring on to her daugheter, Kennedy. 

In the preview video for tonight's episode, we see Taylor in tears over the prospect of giving up the ring. "I can't imagine someone even having the guts to ask someone for the wedding ring," she says to someone over the phone.

We assume we'll learn more during tonight's episode, but it's safe to say that the episode will be quite an emotional one.