Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo Photo: Kim Stares Longingly into the Distance at Her Niece's Birthday Party in Season 1
Kim Richards, the sweet former child star from Escape From Witch Mountain, seems like an odd choice for a reality show. Her sister Kyle is Queen Bee and loves to share every thought in her head, but Kim is the exact opposite.

So, why did she agree to go on the show? Kim recently talked to E! Online and explained, "I just thought it'd be fun to do this with my sister. Plus, my kids were getting older so it felt like the perfect time to kind of get back into working a little bit. I've done a couple films in the past years and I thought, let's try reality TV!"

She also didn't expect all the craziness, particularly between her sister and Camille Grammer. "I thought it was going to be a bunch of girls going out and having fun. I wasn't prepared for the drama and conflict." Wow, had she never seen a Real Housewives show before? It's all about the drama!

We feel kind of sorry for Kim, who puts up with her confrontational sister and dedicates her entire life to her kids. She's also very single and seems a bit lonely. But, things might end well with the housewives. She said, "While it was difficult to walk into it at first, by end of the season, I knew everyone [and had] fun with the girls."

That's sweet, but we are secretly crossing our fingers for a catfight!

Source: E! Online