Kyle Richards complained a bit about Yolanda Foster this week on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and it turns out that Kyle’s behavior bugs Yolanda at times, too.

“I am not surprised to hear Kyle say that no one is listening to me,” Yolanda writes in her Bravo blog. “I try my best to measure my words carefully. God gives you two ears and one mouth, so I think we're supposed to listen twice as much as we speak. I don't think she got that memo because she only likes the sound of her own voice.” Harsh!

Yolanda is excited about Brandi Glanville’s book deal and doesn’t know why the other women don’t feel the same way. “I honestly don't understand why Kyle, Taylor, and Adrienne are so rude and unsupportive for someone else's success,” Yolanda says. “It just seems so catty and mean it's all very disheartening to me.”

She feels that Kyle should have spent more time connecting with Kim Richards on the trip, rather than getting drunk with the others.

“I'm obviously very opinionated about this alcohol thing to Kyle, but I just don't like drunken women, and I am a kind of annoyed with her for not backing up and supporting her sister who just came out of rehab and would most likely appreciate Kyle taking this precious time to reconnect with her,” Yolanda writes.

Yolanda also was dismayed that Kyle made fun of Lisa for wearing sneakers. “Kyle thinks [Lisa] looks like a beekeeper? I was thinking, ‘Look in the mirror, girl. You are wearing 8-inch heels, a see-through mini dress, and a Chanel purse on the badminton field... ugh, really?’"

Yikes. Let’s hope these two can patch things up before the tension gets any worse. And fear not, Kyle we love that you throw on heels to play badminton!

Source: Bravo

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