Everyone’s made a questionable decisions in their youth, and Lisa Vanderpump is no different. Once upon a time, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star studied acting and even had some bit parts on television and in a couple of sweet 1980s music videos.


But before those gigs, Lisa had a small role in the 1978 British horror flick Killer’s Moon — and showed off more than just her acting chops.


In the film, a bus full of schoolgirls stalls in the woods and group is forced to take shelter in a creepy mansion. To make matters worse, four mental patients undergoing dream therapy have escaped their hospital and stumble upon the stranded crew. With all sense of morals completely gone, the patients wreak murderous havoc.


In a pivotal moment of the movie, she’s attacked by one of the mental patients in the kitchen. Aside from being totally scary, the scene is also notable for the fact that Lisa goes completely topless, exposing her boobs on camera.


We wonder what the Lisa Vanderpump we know today would have to say to her 18-year-old self about the racy role. But then again, the 1970s were a much different time!

Source: Radar Online