Credit: Bravo

A lot of people are presumably excited to try Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein's new skincare line. But not one person in particular. 

Lisa, who appeared on Watch What Happens Live this week, has announced the release of her new skincare line, Skinfinity. And while we're sure lots of people will be excited to try a product that Lisa endorses, Daisy Olivera  who's a mutual friend of the RHOM cast members  is taking to Twitter to rip the product line.

"#RHOM Oh goody.. another dingbat who knows nothing about skin care launches a skin care line! #factoryCream #generic #clueless," Daisy tweets on October 14. 

When one of Twitter followers tells her that this is a bit harsh, Daisy responds with, "OH LAWDY! Zero knowledge of skin care industry! WHY OH WHY is this necessary!? Just go shopping & shut up!"

Another Twitter follower feels that celebrities endorsing skin products could be dangerous, and Daisy whole-heartedly agrees. "You'd think!" Daisy tweets. "It's BS! They go to a lab where they have ready-mixed crap, slap a label on it, PRESTO! Skin care 'line'!"

Apparently, Daisy would prefer Lisa stick to what she really knows. "Why not thongs!?" she quips about the former Playboy model. "She knows those!"

But what do you think? Clearly, Lisa isn't the only Housewife to endorse a skin line, including Lea Black and Adrienne Maloof. So do you think the criticism is too harsh, or do you think that Daisy makes a point?

Source: Twitter