Credit: Instagram

Real Housewives of Miami besties Joanna Krupa and Karent Sierra continue to have a blast together, even though Karent is no longer on the show. In fact, the two of them posted pics this week of themselves partying at Romain Zago's club, Mynt Lounge. We're jealous!

On February 20, Karent posted a photo of herself and Joanna at the ciub with a few pals. "Where else would we be but MYNTing tonight!" Karent captions the pic. "We are up to no good! Hahaha @joannakrupa"

We love this pic, as both ladies look incredibly gorgeous. Karent is rocking a colorful skirt and showing off a ton of leg, while Joanna has a very sexy expression on her face.

Earlier that evening, Karent posted of pic of the two of them grabbing sushi. "Dinner time my JoJo @joannakrupa Always a great time when we're together! #realfriends," Karent captions it.

Joanna also posted photos of their evening. "W/ one of my lesbian lovers @karentsierra," Joanna playfully captions a pic of herself and Karent together. 

We think it's great that Joanna and Karent are still able to stay so close and have so much fun together. And suddenly, we're in the mood for sushi.

Are you surprised that Joanna and Karent are still so tight?

Source: Karent on Instagram