Credit: Twitter

Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa has had to deal with some scary news lately, as her dog was recently rushed to the hospital. 

On May 8, Joanna posted a pic of her pooch to Instagram to inform her followers of his recent health scare. "Little Sebastian was rushed to the hospital after three days of diarrhea, which led to an x-ray that showed a foreign substance in his stomach," Joanna captions the photo. "Right away, had to be rushed to a specialist to get it removed."

"Thank goodness he didn't need surgery, but they got it removed by scoping," she continues. "I don't know how or why, but he swallowed a wagware tag! He is the last dog from my 6 that I would ever expect to do such a thing, so always keep a close eye on your animals if they have diarrhea  it can be very serious like with Sebastian." Thanks for the tip, J!

Then, Joanna posted a photo (above) to Twitter of her little guy as her recuperates. "Taking care of lil Sebastian back from the hospital," Joanna captions it. "Poor little paw and belly have been shaved for the procedure."

We're relieved that Sebastian's issue was able to resolved so quickly, and we wish him a speedy recovery!

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Source: Joanna on Twitter, Joanna on Instagram