With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we can imagine that all the Real Housewives of New Jersey mamas will celebrate (hopefully with no overturned tables) in style. Being a mother can be really tough and RHoNJ star Jacqueline Laurita is no stranger to that. In a Mother’s Day clip from Bravo, Jac recalls having to explain puberty to daughter Ashlee Holmes and it’s freaking hilarious.  

“I remember when I had to have the ‘birds and the bees’ talk with Ashlee … so awkward. I handed her a stack of books and a hand mirror in case she wanted to label and identify her parts,” Jac said with a smile. “Happy Mother’s Day,” the video concludes!

Oh, the drama of being a mama...

Let’s hope that Jac handles her talk with son CJ a lot better than her last one! It looks like Jac’s eldest son CJ is going through puberty this season, and in the new RHoNJ trailer, we get a snippet of Jac and hubby Chris talk about how Chris started going through changes when he was ten. And then there was some mention of socks … ew.

Check out the video now!

Source: YouTube