Credit: Thos Robinson/Stringer/Getty Images Photo: It's Caroline Manzo, You Guys!

Thanks to the release of her new book, Let Me Tell You Something, Caroline Manzo is officially a published author. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star released her book at the beginning of May and is glad to see that many people are so receptive to her work.

“It’s amazing to see my face on the cover of a book and know that people care enough to buy it...,” the reality TV star shared with TBB reality.

The Italian-American mother described the tell-all book as “easy read” that is “no-holds-barred.”

“I’m not ashamed of who am I, I’m not ashamed of my life, my family, or the journey I’ve been on. and I think, I hope that people can learn from it.” She also went on to say that she stayed above bad-mouthing anyone (unlike a fellow table-flipper that we know) and wanted her book to be a great book for what it is.

“I didn’t bash anybody in it, it’s not my style. I want it to sell on its own merit, of being a really good book.”

When the interviewer asked Caroline if writing her book was (as they say in the publishing industry) like having a baby, she didn’t think much of it. However, when she recalled that the book took her 9 months to create, with co-author Kevin Dixon, the RHoNJ star had a change of heart:

“It is like having a baby. I never realized, but it was!” Overall, Caroline’s pretty happy the way the book turned out and she’s proud of her baby.

“It really is a project of our hearts that we did together and I’m really proud of him [Kevin] and I’m proud of us.”

Will you get your copy of Caroline’s book,  Let Me Tell You Something? Tell us below!

Source: TBB Reality