Credit: Ivan Nikolov/ Photo: Melissa and Joe Gorga Wear Matching Black Outfits

On an episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey from a few weeks back, Melissa Gorga and her husband were distressed that their Jersey estate had still not sold. Her realtor's opinion? The house is priced way too high for the current economy. Oh, and that pesky crack in the playroom bathroom’s sink doesn't help either.

According to Joe, who built the home from the ground up, the abode should be going for 5 or 6 million. The way he sees it, 3.8 is a total steal!

But without a pool and with the market not in their favor, realtor Jennifer Dalton is not so sure that the price is right.

We admit that the house and all of its beautiful details is gorgeous... but do you think it's worth almost 4 million big ones?

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