Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Gino Gorga Graduates Preschool

Melissa Gorga 

may be up to her ears in drama on Season 5 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, but her life isn't all conflict and accusations. Just this week, the singer and her hubby, Joe, celebrated a big milestone in their oldest boy's life: Gino had his preschool graduation!

Melissa took to Twitter to boast about her little man's accomplishment.

"Love my family. Congrats to Gino! He said his legs were shaking when they called his name. Lol," she gushed.


The proud mama attached a picture (above) of the whole family looking happy and beautiful, with the tiny graduate donning a blue cap and gown.

Melissa and Joey may have lousy in-laws, but their children are freaking adorable.

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