Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: Teresa Giudice Rings in the New Year With Her Parents

Kathy Wakile may claim that she is currently in a “comfortable” place with Teresa Giudice, but Teresa is apparently still harboring a lot of anger, which she seems to be dispensing on her weekly Bravo blog after each new Season 5 episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Earlier this week, Teresa vented her frustration over Kathy's insistence on constantly bringing up her father.

"I do really, really wish that Kathy would leave my dad out of the show," she lamented, adding, "When my father is filmed with us, he doesn't talk about Kathy's family, and I would love it if they would stop talking about him."

Is it just us or do we have a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black here? Isn't Teresa the one that's been continually bringing up her Dad by dwelling on the fact that Melissa Gorga failed to visit him in the hospital?

Still, Teresa had a personal message for Kathy: "If you want to talk about your own father on TV, be my guest. But please, stop talking about mine," she warned.

In other words, only Teresa is allowed to talk about Teresa's father?

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Source: Bravo