Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Melissa Gorga and Her Family Enjoy the Beach

There's no doubt that family and the Real Housewives of New Jersey go hand in hand, but is Melissa Gorga getting ready to expand her brood? The mama of three recently posted a Tweet that made people think it's a possibility.

"I'm playing with a beautiful little baby sitting next to me? #maybeonemore," Melissa wrote.

Currently, Melissa has one girl, Antonia, and two boys, Gino and Joey, so adding a fourth to the mix wouldn't be completely unheard of. Her sister-in-law, Teresa Giudice, has four girls and we all know how much these two like to compete with each other.

But, it seems that Melissa's maybe-one-more comment was said mostly in jest. When one of her followers encouraged her to go for it, Melissa responded, "thanks, they are cute to look at & play with,  But I'm done:-)."

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