Credit: STILL

Oh my goodness, you've got to see this video of Jacqueline Laurita's son, Nicholas, making tons of progress with an educator who brings music into her teaching methods. The Real Housewives of New Jersey mama has enlisted the help of Jammin Jenn to get her Autistic son to properly communicate that he wants to eat some Fritos.

Jenn starts off with an easy-to-remember sequence that encourages Nick to finish her sentences and ask for a Frito in the process. While he munches on his favorite snack, Jenn plays her guitar and sings a song about the chips that has Nick clapping along enthusiastically. At one point, she even gets the little guy to thank her.

We are so impressed with how far Nick has come — we can only imagine how proud the Laurita family must be of him.

What do you think of Jammin Jenn's approach? Check out the video and share your opinions in the comments below.