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Joe and Teresa Giudice can't catch a break. With only a few weeks left of summer (and, possibly, freedom?), the couple is trying to spend time with family and friends in the sun. But, when they had a gathering on the sands of Long Beach Island recently, the Jersey patrol came to rain on their parade. According to TMZ, a huge scene followed when Teresa and her group made a stink about paying five dollars for beach access.

The fam and friends were having a good time when a teenage girl that works at the beach asked them to produce their badges. The group totally lost it when they were asked to pay to hang out on the beach, even if it was only five bucks a pop.

The teen employee ended up in tears when one of the family members screamed, "F you, f this we are not paying for the fing beach. This is a joke!" (We're thinking it was probably Gia? Joking, joking!)

Next thing the Giudices knew, the beach police was called to settle the matter and the party did eventually pay up the entrance fee.

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Source: TMZ