Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Albert Manzo's Shocking Weight Loss

Wow, you guys! Caroline Manzo's husband, Albert, has lost a ton of weight. He's almost unrecognizable.

Just a few years ago on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, the Manzo patriarch was sighing about his heavy build and how his daughter, Lauren, had the misfortune of taking after him in the weight department. But apparently Lauren's own transformation (thanks to lap band surgery and a healthier lifestyle) inspired Albert to shed his extra pounds, too.

We think he looks amazing, but not everyone is thrilled with his new physique.

Caroline shared a recent photo of her hubby on Instagram, commenting, "I told Al he's getting too thin - he disagrees - I'm right, he's wrong."

Actually, the majority of her followers agreed with Albert — they all concluded that he looked both great and healthy! Some of them even used the words "handsome," "muy guapo," and "hottie with a body" to describe the NJ hubby.

What do you guys think? Has Albert gone too far or does he look better than ever? Sound off in the comments below!