Credit: Instagram

Moving is never easy, but add in changing schools and being a part of a famous reality family and there’s bound to be some major nerves. Antonia and Gino Gorga are currently experiencing some stress following their family’s move, and the biggest test to come — the first day of school.

Melissa Gorga shared this adorable snapshot of Antonia and Gino on their first day at a new school.

“First Day of school in Franklin Lakes! They were so nervous.. Love my babies!” Melissa captioned the photo on Instagram.

The Gorgas recently closed up shop in Montville after selling their mansion for $3.8 million and are currently renting a place in Franklin Lakes as Joe Gorga builds their dream home.

The move can’t be easy, especially since it happen right before the Gorga kids started school, but the family seems to be handling things well.

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