Credit: Bravo

It seems like forever since Danielle Staub left the Real Housewives of New Jersey after only two seasons, and, apparently the rest of the country has missed the drama magnet as much as we have. According to Bravo Ratings, her highly-anticipated appearance on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live pulled in the highest numbers of the week, even beating out the almighty Lady Gaga… impressive!

The site reported on Danielle's episode, writing, "Surprisingly, this ended up being Cohen’s largest audience of the week as not even Bethenny Frankel or even Lady Gaga could match those audience numbers."

That being said, the numbers weren't exactly great, but we're still surprised that Danielle beat Gaga. In fact, Bravo Ratings goes on to reveal that Lady Gaga drew the smallest audience that week, if you can believe that.

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Source: Bravo Ratings