Teresa Giudice is not happy with Bravo. According to RadarOnline.com,The Real Housewives of New Jersey star has made amends with her brother, Joey, but the network has decided to not air the reconciliation. Frankly, Teresa is getting a little tired of all the fighting.

The site reports, "Teresa said that she has ‘bonded with her brother’ but that the network wasn’t showing the happy times, only the fights."

“Bravo is not interested in that – they only want the drama!" Teresa claimed.

We actually think that Season 5 has been all about the Jersey families working through their problems and coming together again. First, they got real in Lake George, with the Joes resorting to a physical altercation in order to move forward. Then, they continued with various forms of therapy in zen-like Arizona.

Still, Teresa does have a point that the cameras have focused on the drama since the gang's return to the Garden State. And, after all the work they did this year, they seem to be back at square one with everyone ganging up on Teresa.

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Source: RadarOnline.com