The Season 5 finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was explosive, to say the least. In fact, according to one Housewife, the episode could have been mistaken for a scene from a World Wrestling Entertainment event.

Kathy Wakile took to her BravoTV blog to comment on the infamous brawl.

Kathy wrote, " see and hear all the crap that was being passed around, one would have thought we were at the WWE, and not a party! Thankfully everyone made it out of there... But not without a Rummm-ble!"

In the end, Kathy was proud that the family stood together.

"Our united front has stuck — no haters, no outsiders — because we have each other’s backs and will not allow it," she boasted, adding, "Yup, we love hard, we fight hard, we all don't hold back. Some people may get us, some might not, but we are who we are: Jersey Proud, every last one of us!"

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Source: BravoTV Blog