Oh, no! Caroline Manzo of The Real Housewives of New Jersey had an unexpected visitor in her bathroom recently and she was not happy about it. The traumatized mama went on Twitter to share her experience and give props to Lauren and Albert for coming to the rescue.

Caroline first announced her problem on Twitter late on Tuesday, October 1, saying, "Some sort of creature in my bathroom, could b a bird. I'm 2 terrified 2 move. @laurenmanzo is checking it out. good daughter."

Later, Caroline sent out this unfortunate update: "Couldn't find anything, still hear chirping. I'm thinking it's a bat. Called Al, he's on his way home. Good husband."

We hope her hubby was able to get the critter out!

By the next morning Caroline was back to tweeting about Manzo'd With Children, and at the end of the day she signed off, "I'm exhausted, but happy —) what a fun day of filming Manzo'd With Children —) time to relax with the man —) :O)."

It sounds like the crisis was resolved. Maybe we'll even get to see it for ourselves when her spin-off hits the air!

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