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During her time on Real Housewives of New Jersey, Danielle Staub was known for stirring the pot but it seems that these days she’s decided to avoid the frenetic fray. In fact, Andy Cohen recently tweeted that the show invited her to the Season 5 reunion, but she actually declined. Gasp!

Reality TV Bliss tweeted to Andy, “Would have been nice to get to the REAL truth about Mel’s ways by bringing on @daniellestaub to confront her on the messages.” Andy replied, “we invited her!”

The messages Reality TV Bliss was referring to were scandalous emails that Danielle talked about when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live.

The All About The Real Housewives site shared what Danielle revealed about Melissa Gorga during WWHL:

“The one thing true in that was we never met because I would not let that happen. She [Melissa] wanted to film during Season 2 and she thought it would be a good way to get back at Teresa and I said I wanted absolutely nothing to do with that. But I would forward all of her emails, which were a lot, to the producers, which I did. That is how after two seasons of being behind the scenes she all of a sudden became a person of interest and thats how she landed on the show. I think it’d be good for her to just come clean. I wanted nothing to do with what she wanted to do to Teresa. It’s not my place. I don’t play with that and karma returns.”

When Danielle was asked about not appearing on Twitter, she replied, “that’s too much darkness and I’m not interested!”

We’re proud of Danielle for taking the high road but damn her appearance would have made for some great TV.

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Source: All About The Real Housewives