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Typically, late October is a time when we're making plans to gorge ourselves with mini candy bars, not trying to go healthy. But apparently Dina Manzo has a different agenda.

The gorgeous Real Housewives of New Jersey star is in the midst of a health kick, and is making a special meal as part of a dietary cleanse that she's undergoing.

"Made a huge pot of #kitchari for a 3-day cleanse!" she captioned an Instagram photo of the meal on October 22. "I'm getting good at this! #detox #smelly #worthit."

You know what? Dina's kitchari actually looks really good! Typically, we do our best to avoid anything that seems remotely healthy, but we could see making an exception here.

Credit: Photo via Instagram

So what exactly is kitchari? It is an Indian vegetarian dish consisting of basmati rice and mung beans, and also typically containing turmeric and often various veggies. It is often eaten as part of a cleanse to help purify digestion and cleanse toxins.

We're probably about to see a lot more of Dina in the near future, as she is rumored to be back on Real Housewives of New Jersey for Season 6. In fact, her daughter Lexi recently implied that she just got done signing a contract to appear on the show.

So we wish Dina all the best with her cleanse. And if she feels like cheating and wants a Fun Size Milky Way or ten, she knows who to ask.

Source: Instagram