Credit: Instagram

If you're wondering what Dina Manzo's daughter looks like now, you're about to find out!

Dina's daugher, Lexi, has come a long way since we first met her on Real Housewives of New Jersey. And now she's quite a looker.

Dina took to Instagram on December 5 to post her beloved daughter's class portrait. Dina is rejoining the RHoNJ cast for Season 6 after a lengthy hiatus. 

"My beautiful @lexmanzo," Dina captions the photo. We agree that Lexi is seriously gorgeous. And it's cute that Dina is so proud of her daughter! Thanks for sharing this pic with us, Dina.

We're thinking that Lexi is excited to be back on RHoNJ with her mom. In October, Lexi posted a photo of herself signing a contract for Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6. 

"Guess what I'm signing…," Lexi captioned the pic. We think we can guess, Lexi. 

Lexi and Dina have been bonding quite a bit lately. In November, Dina posted a photo of Lexi holding their hairless cat, which Dina refers to as "sexy." Uh, if you say so, Dina.

Are you shocked by how Lexi looks now, compared to how she used to look? And are you excited to see Dina and Lexi back on RHoNJ?

Source: Instagram