Credit: Instagram

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dina Manzo needs your help with a major life decision. Choose wisely. 

Dina appears to be having one of those days where you're not so confident about your hair. And she wants to know if she should go back to having bangs, or keep her hair as it is. 

On December 10, Dina posted an extremely close-up photo of herself to Instagram in which her hair is pulled back on her head.

"#fivehead should I cut bangs again?" Dina captions the pic. 

First of all, we admire Dina for being so self-deprecating, even though we love her forehead. And we also appreciate that Dina is willing to take input on what she should do with her hair. We can't imagine too many reality stars being willing to take constructive criticism about their hair choices. 

Frankly, we think Dina looks great now without bangs, so we don't know why she would feel the need to change things up. Then again, she pretty much looks gorgeous regardless of what hairstyle she happens to have.

Do you want Dina to cut her bangs short again? Or have you been liking how her hair looks recently?

Source: Instagram