Another day, another lawsuit related to the stars of Real Housewives of New Jersey. This time, a man has been charged with claiming to be Jacqueline and Christopher Laurita's lawyer. Sigh.

Mark J. McGuire who is not the similarly named baseball legend, we can assure you has now been charged with telling police in April 2013 that he was an attorney who represented Jac and Christopher. Mark, who is 53 and lives in New Jersey, had been arrested for this in September 2013.

Mark reportedly was with the Lauritas as they were being interviewed by police regarding their involvement in a brawl with Johnny the Greek at the opening of Posche 2 in April. Jac, Christopher, and Joe Gorga had been charged with assault at the time, but the charges were later dropped.

According to the charges against Mark, he "did knowingly engage in the unauthorized practice of law and created or reinforced a false impression" to police "that he is licensed to engage in the practice of law."

Back in September, Jacqueline tweeted about Mark, "I don't care if 'Mark' pretended to be a lawyer or not, because MY attorney has always been named MIKE. #notmyproblem."

Do you think this guy really pretended to be their lawyer?

Source: North Jersey