Melissa Gorga is staying warm this winter, but is her new non-faux fur jacket a faux pas? The Real Housewives of New Jersey star took to Instagram to show off her hot pink garment, which features real fox fur on the hood, as well as two pom poms at the end of the drawstrings.

"Thank you @mooseknucklescanada I'm loving this coat! #warmglam," Melissa wrote next to the flattering photo.

We have to admit that the jacket looks fantastic on Melissa's petite frame, but we're not sure we're down with the fox fur or the super steep price tag. We found the same jacket, but with white fur instead of black, for the on-sale bargain price of $589.99 (the item regularly retails at $694.99).

Still, this jacket may be worth the loot. The company, Moose Knuckles Canada, claims that the super warm garment will keep you toasty in temperatures that go as low as 40 degrees below zero. Since it's filled with very expensive Grey Duck Down, we believe them.

But, there's still that pesky fur issue to deal with. It would be a shame to spend a small fortune on a jacket, only to have an angry protester throw paint all over it or something. Moose Knuckles does make it clear that they only use ethically certified fur, which means that the people who acquire the fur use humane and ethical trapping procedures.

Regardless, if you're dead set against wearing fur, you won't be convinced to wear it anyway, and if you're not particularly offended by real fur, you would still have to deal with judgmental looks from others when you wore your fancy jacket.

Do you think the hot pink look is worth it? Share your opinions in the comments section below!

Source: Melissa Gorga on Instagram