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On Real Housewives of New Jersey, we've gotten to see Jacqueline Laurita and husband Chris raise their son Nicholas, who has been diagnosed with autism. So how is Nicholas doing now?

Jacqueline tells In Touch that she and Chris have been bonding with Nicholas through Pleygo, a company that lets families rent Lego sets, much like Netflix. "I know that playing with Legos is something that my son, Nick, and I both enjoy doing together that enhances a connection between us," Jac says.

Jacqueline is glad she has addressed Nick's autism on RHoNJ. "People that aren’t going through [autism] don’t understand it," she says. "I love having the opportunity to be able to show people because honestly, what’s given me strength is listening to everyone else’s stories, their struggles, their successes. That’s what gives us hope and strength, so if I can do that for someone else, then that feels so good to me."

She adds that her fellow co-stars have been quite supportive. "They send me links to things that could help him," Jacqueline says. "Like, I do a lot of researching, so they come up with a contact. They know this person who has this child, so they help me in that way. Pretty much everyone sends me things they learn. They all send me leads, and it’s nice like that."

Source: In Touch