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Real Housewives of New Jersey guest star Kim DePaola. recently found herself in legal hot water after being sued by a jewelry designer. But, Kim is now firing back. The blonde Jersey gal told Rumor Fix that she's never even met the guy that's filing the suit against her.

Constantino Frangopolous claims that he had struck a deal with Kim where he would let her borrow some jewelry pieces and, in exchange, she would wear them on the show to give him some publicity. He says Kim held up her end of the agreement by rocking his jewels on episodes of the show, but supposedly she also copied some of the designs and has been selling knockoff versions in her boutique and on her website.

The designer is now suing both Kim and Bravo, even though he didn't have a formal contract with her.

According to Kim, however, the whole thing is a total fabrication. When she spoke with Rumor Fix, she said she doesn't even know the designer, and that she plans on suing him right back. She told TMZ that Constantino Frangopolous is "delusional" for thinking she was ripping him off when she's never met him.

“It’s complete bulls**t! I never met this guy before in my life!" she told Rumor Fix. "He is going to find out real soon who the big boys are!" she threatened, adding, "I have the most powerful attorney on the planet. I am suing for punitive damages.”

Wow, this sounds like it's about to get pretty ugly.

Who do you believe is the victim — the jewelry designer or Kim D.? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

Source: Rumor Fix, TMZ