Credit: Instagram

We're not monkeying around! This throwback photo that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dina Manzo's daughter Lexi Manzo just posted is seriously amazing. Like, seriously

Sometimes, our favorite reality stars kinda act like they belong in a zoo, and now, we're getting to see Lexi holding a creature that actually could reside in a zoo.

On February 25, she posts a photo of herself from her younger days as she holds what appears to be an orangutan or some type of ape. "One of the best photos I've ever taken #throwback," Lexi captions the hilarious shot.

This photo could not be better, as we're super jealous that Lexi gets to hang out with this guy. We love how happy Lexi looks about the experience, although the animal seems a little aloof about the whole thing. So where was Lexi that she got to hold something like this?

It's no secret that Lexi is a lifelong animal fan. In fact, Lexi  a high school senior  revealed earlier this month that she was saying no to living in the college dorms so that she could still live with her pet. "When you say no to college dorming because you can't leave your cat... #attached," she tweeted. Too cute!

What are your thoughts about this throwback pic?

Source: Lexi on Instagram