Credit: Alexa Maetta on Twitter Photo: Gia Giudice, Victoria Justice, and Alexa Maetta at Kids' Choice Awards

Miss Gia Giudice may be ready to ditch the Real Housewives of New Jersey for the ones in Beverly Hills!

Gia flew to L.A. late last week and got all prettied-up for Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards. She tweeted the photo shown below en route to the Saturday, March 29 event, and you can also see her signing autographs with Alexa Maetta, as they met fans on the orange carpet.

Alexa also shared the photo above with actress Victoria Justice.

Credit: Gia Giudice on Twitter Photo: Gia Giudice on the way to Kids Choice Awards

Teresa Giudice’s eldest daughter may have caught the Hollywood bug — or maybe she just loves the warm weather. Either way, on March 27, she tweeted, "I want to move to LA."

She’s not getting her wish yet, though, tweeting "bye bye LA" when leaving La-La Land late Sunday night.

It’s been a roller coaster month for 13-year-old Gia. On the upside, in addition to the KCAs, she got to meet Demi Lovato when the singer performed in New Jersey. Gia shared a pic, writing that the concert was the "best night ever."

But on the downside? Just about everything else going on with her family.

On March 4, Gia’s parents pleaded guilty to several fraud charges, and both Teresa and Joe could face multiple years in jail. They hope not to be jailed at the same time, so one of them can always be there for their four young daughters. But no matter what happens, it’s going to be tough on the kids.

"Everyone goes through one bump in the road," Gia tweeted on March 3, "but while going through that bump

in the road, you realize the people who support you the most." Truth.

At least Gia is able to have a semi-normal — and in some cases even cooler than normal — childhood, amid all the drama.

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