Credit: Photo via Twitter

Kathy Wakile's daughter is absolutely amazing! The Real Housewives of New Jersey offspring underwent brain surgery this past April to remove a benign tumor and she's already making tremendous progress in physical therapy. The brave young woman recently posted a video on Instagram from one of her sessions, along with a lofty goal for herself.

"In honor of my one month Anniversary yesterday and Brain Tumor Thursday today - I'm ready for that 5K run @officialkathywakile!!" she raved, along with the short clip.

In the video, Victoria rises from her hospital bed and starts quickly walking across the room. Her mama, who's filming the clip, marvels, "Look at you go! You'll be in a 5k run soon I think, Victoria."

The video was flooded with comments from her supporters, among them a special message from her proud dad, Richard Wakile.

"My #Champion," he wrote. Aww.

This isn't the first time that Victoria has gone under the knife for this type of operation. She had brain surgery for a different tumor back when she was 10 years old. As her 10-year anniversary since the procedure approached, a gut instinct, along with some significant headaches, motivated her to get an MRI to check things out.

Kathy told OK!, "She said, ‘Since it’s my 10 year anniversary, maybe we should make an appointment for a follow-up, an MRI just to check on things … A little portion had regrown [in her brain], and it was blocking the fluid passing through."

We're happy Victoria trusted her instincts and even happier that she's doing so well!