More good news for the Giudices! While the Real Housewives of New Jersey couple is still facing potential jail time in their federal fraud case, Joe Giudice was recently let off the hook in a different legal battle.

As we've previously reported, Joe's former business partner, Joseph Mastropole, had sued the Giudices for alleged fraud during their time working together, including, the suit alleges, forging his signature on mortgage documents. According to the lawsuit, Joe still owed Joseph Mastropole $260,000.

Teresa, who was originally included in the suit, had already been cleared, and parts of the suit against Joe had been dismissed; however, the door was still open for Mastropole to seek  punitive damages related to the alleged forged signature.

Now Radar Online reports that this case has been dropped altogether. The Giudice's legal coach, Wendy Feldman, spoke to Radar about the good news, calling it "a HUGE victory for the Giudice family and for their ongoing criminal case that is taking new turns by the day."

While this is definitely great news for the fam, it doesn't change the fact that Joe is facing up to four years in jail, and Teresa could serve up to 27 months, after pleading guilty in the more famous federal case against them. Their sentencing date is on July 8.