Credit: Lexi on Instagram Photo: Lexi Manzo Shares Flashback Graduation Photo

Do you remember when The Real Housewives of New Jersey first started in 2009? Dina Manzo was part of the main cast in the first two seasons, and we got to know her middle-school-age daughter, Lexi. She used to be so adorkably chic with her little glasses!

Well, fast-forward five years and now Lexi is a high school graduate! You may have seen how her proud mom (who is back for Season 6) just showed off some photos from the big event. Lexi may be all grown up, but she hasn't changed too much. To prove it, Lex posted the side-by-side photo shown, featuring a cute flashback cap-and-gown moment next to her 2014 grad pic. "I literally look exactly the same," she notes.

She does! Here, anyway. If she pulled her hair back and put those glasses on, she'd look totally different (but she'd still be the same beautiful young lady). It's funny how little it can take to change your look — or, in this case, to keep your look exactly the same. If she’s lucky, she can keep this going for another 30 years!

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Source: Lexi on Instagram