Credit: Alex Martinez/Bravo © NBC Universal, Inc. Photo: Dina Manzo Season 6 Promo Photo

Dina Manzo needs an intervention. Not a major one, but at least the Real Housewives of New Jersey star knows she needs help. What’s the problem? Like many a stylish lass before her, it’s shoes.

"Attention, if you see me buying a pair of shoes slap me," Dina tweeted. “Not hard...but enough to make me walk away. Thank you #shoewhore.” Ha! It may not be a good idea to take that literally, but if you do see her shoe-shopping, maybe a gentle tap on a shoulder and a head-shake will suffice. If that’s not enough of a deterrent, tag in Lexi.

Dina’s teenage daughter shared this photo of her mom earlier today:

There’s no stopping the queen!

Lexi will be going off to college soon, so Dina may not have anyone around to keep her in line (except her cats and adorable two-legged dog). Mom and Daughter just celebrated Lexi’s high school graduation with a big fancy party and also got henna hands together. They rarely spend any time apart, so the separation is going to be tough.

Dina may be tempted to fill her life with even more shoes, like they’re comfort food. But if she has the money and closet space, why not? It's either shoes or a dozen more cats!

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Sources: Dina on Twitter, Lexi on Twitter