The Gorgas are embroiled in what sounds like a sticky legal battle, but good news — in this case, the The Real Housewives of New Jersey stars are the ones accusing someone else of being in the wrong.  

TMZ reports Melissa Gorga and husband Joe are currently trying to evict a tenant from the house they own in Montville, New Jersey, because he allegedly owes them three months of rent. At $20,000 a month, that comes to $60K for April, May, and June. Plus, today is the first of July, so if he doesn't pay July's rent, that ups the total to a whopping $80K. No wonder the Gorgas want him out! They also filed docs demanding he pay what's owed even after he turns in his keys.

That said, the tenant, Kai Patterson, tells TMZ there's more to the story, citing "a slew of home repairs" that he paid for himself. He also says he paid a $4,416 water bill. Even so, that would have to be a lot of repairs to justify not paying rent for three months; according to Kai, he and the Gorgas both have lawyers who are sorting things out now.

The most ironic part of this whole story? Kai's job is helping single parents get money out of their kids' deadbeat other parent.

Good luck to the Gorgas! Whatever the full story, we hope this headache gets sorted out soon.

Source: TMZ

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